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Picture of Researcher

Fred Swanson

Phone: (541) 750-7355
Fax: (541) 750-7329
Primary Email:

USDA Forest Service
Pacific NW Research Station
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Official position at address above: Research Geologist - retired
Educational Institutions attended: Ph.D., 1972 , Geology, University of Oregon, Eugene
B.S., 1966, Geological Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Roles/Affiliations: Co-PI, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest LTER

Professor (courtesy), Depts. Forest Science &
Geosciences, Oregon State University
Principal Collaborators: Charlie Crisafulli, Charlie Halpern, Julia Jones, Kathleen Dean Moore and Charles Goodrich (Spring Creek Project)
General Interests: Geomorphology, physical disturbances, research-management-policy links, ecological effects of Mount St. Helens eruptions, collaboration of ecologists and nature writers (Long-Term Ecological Reflections)
Current Research Projects/Activities: Landslides and other watershed responses to floods, fire history in W. Oregon, forest landscape management using understanding of disturbance history, science-humanities interactions in sacred places.
Intersite LTER/International Activities: Encourage development of LTER-like programs in western Pacific nations and science-humanities interactions at LTER, ILTER, and similar field sites.


Dale, V. H.; Crisafulli, C. M.; Swanson, F. J. 2005. 25 years of ecological change at Mount St. Helens. Science. 308: 961-962. (Pub No: 3866)
Cissel, John H.; Swanson, Frederick J.; Weisberg, Peter J. 1999. Landscape management using historical fire regimes: Blue River, Oregon. Ecological Applications. 9(4): 1217-1231. (Pub No: 2502)
Johnson, K. Norman; Swanson, Frederick; Herring, Margaret; Greene, Sarah, eds. 1999. Bioregional assessments: science at the crossroads of management and policy. Washington, DC: Island Press. 395 p. (Pub No: 2510)
Swanson, Frederick J.; Johnson, Sherri L.; Gregory, Stanley V.; Acker, Steven A. 1998. Flood disturbance in a forested mountain landscape. BioScience. 48(9): 681-689. (Pub No: 2430)
Swanson, F. J.; Franklin, J. F. 1992. New forestry principles from ecosystem analysis of Pacific Northwest forests. Ecological Applications. 2(3): 262-274. (Pub No: 1359)

Personal Information:

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Personal Interests: Family, mountain biking.