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Janet Ohmann

USDA Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Research Station
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: (541) 750-7487
Fax: (541) 758-7760
Primary Email:
Alternative Email:

Official position at address above: Research Forest Ecologist
Educational Institutions attended: Ph.D., Forest Ecology, Oregon State University, Corvallis
MF, Forest Ecology, Duke University, Durham, NC
BA, Botany, Duke University, Durham, NC
Roles/Affiliations: Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service
Affiliate faculty, Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Team Leader, LEMMA (Landscape Ecology, Modeling, Mapping, and Analysis)
Principal Collaborators: Miles Hemstrom, Jimmy Kagan, Jeremy Fried, Melinda Moeur, Warren Cohen, Brenda McComb, Kim Mellen, Thomas Spies, Karen Waddell, Ken Pierce, Emilie Grossmann
General Interests: Regional and landscape patterns and processes of forest vegetation, forest community ecology
Current Research Projects/Activities: Predictive vegetation mapping using plot, remote sensing, and environmental data in the western US
spatial monitoring of late-successional and old-growth forests for Northwest Forest Plan Effectiveness Monitoring
Interagency Modeling and Analysis Project (IMAP)
mapping Ecological Systems for Gap Analysis Program (GAP)
DecAID Decayed Wood Advisor
Central Oregon Landscape Analysis project (COLA), Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study (CLAMS)
3-D interactive visualization of regional landscapes using computer gaming technology.


Moeur, M.; Ohmann, J. L.; Kennedy, R. E.; Cohen, W. B.; Gregory, M. J.; Yang, Z.; Roberts, H. M.; Spies, T. A.; Fiorella, M. 2011. Status and trends of late-successional and old-growth forests. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-853. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 48p. (Pub No: 4671)
Ohmann, Janet L.; Gregory, Matthew J. 2002. Predictive mapping of forest composition and structure with direct gradient analysis and nearest neighbor imputation in the coastal province of Oregon, USA. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 32(4): 725-741. (Pub No: 2810)
Ohmann, Janet L.; Waddell, Karen L. 2002. Regional patterns of dead wood in forested habitats of Oregon and Washington. In: Laudenslayer, William F. Jr.; Shea, Patrick J.; Valentine, Bradley E.; Weatherspoon, C. Phillip; Lisle, Thomas E., tech. coords. Proceedings of the symposium on the ecology and management of dead wood in western forests; Reno, NV. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-181. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station: 535-560. (Pub No: 2728)
Ohmann, Janet L.; Spies, Thomas A. 1998. Regional gradient analysis and spatial pattern of woody plant communities of Oregon forests. Ecological Monographs. 68(2): 151-182. (Pub No: 2276)
Ohmann, Janet L.; McComb, William C.; Zumrawi, Abdel Azim. 1994. Snag abundance for primary cavity-nesting birds on nonfederal forest lands in Oregon and Washington. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 22: 607-620. (Pub No: 1599)
Hansen, A. J.; Spies, T. A.; Swanson, F. J.; Ohmann, J. L. 1991. Conserving biodiversity in managed forests. BioScience. 41(6): 382-392. (Pub No: 1200)

Personal Information:

Hometown: Ormond Beach, FL
Personal Interests: Hiking, gardening, travel