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Adam Ward

Assistant Professor
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University
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Roles/Affiliations: Penn State University


Harman, C. J.; Ward, A. S.; Ball, A. 2016. How does reach-scale stream-hyporheic transport vary with discharge? Insights from rSAS analysis of sequential tracer injections in a headwater mountain stream. Water Resources Research. 52: 1-21. doi: 10.1002/2016WR018832 (Pub No: 4941)
Ward, Adam S.; Gooseff, Michael N.; Fitzgerald, Michael; Voltz, Thomas J.; Singha, Kamini. 2014. Spatially distributed characterization of hyporheic solute transport during baseflow recession in a headwater mountain stream using electrical geophysical imaging. Journal of Hydrology 517: 362–377 doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.05.036 (Pub No: 4894)
Voltz, T., M. Gooseff, A. S. Ward, K. Singha, M. Fitzgerald, and T. Wagener. 2013. Riparian hydraulic gradient and stream-groundwater exchange dynamics in steep headwater valleys. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf. 118:953-969. doi:10.1002/jgrf.20074. (Pub No: 4816)
Ward, A. S.; Gooseff, M. N.; Voltz, T. J.; Fitzgerald, M.; Singha, K.; Zarnetske, J. P. 2013. How does rapidly changing discharge during storm events affect transient storage and channel water balance in a headwater mountain stream?. Water Resour. Res., 49, 5473–5486, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20434. (Pub No: 4881)
Ward, Adam S.; Fitzgerald, Michael; Gooseff, Michael N.; Voltz, Thomas J.; Binley, Andrew M.; Singha, Kamini. 2012. Hydrologic and geomorphic controls on hyporheic exchange during base flow recession in a headwater mountain stream. Water Resources Research. 48: 20 p. (Pub No: 4758)
Ward, Adam. 2011. Characterizing solute transport in coupled stream-hyporheic systems using electrical resistivity imaging. University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University. Ph.D. dissertation. (Pub No: 4720)