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Mark Schulze

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
PO Box 300
Blue River, OR 97413
Phone: 541-822-6336
Fax: 541-822-6329
Primary Email:

Official position at address above: Forest Director
Educational Institutions attended: B.S., 1992, Evergreen State College
Ph.D., 2003, Pennsylvania State University
Roles/Affiliations: LTER
Principal Collaborators: Matt Betts, Barbara Bond, James Grogan, Sherri Johnson,
Karen Kainer, Matt Landis, Marco Lentini, Judy Li, Marina Londres,
Alex Macpherson, Nat Seavy, Jay Sexton, Patricia Shanley, Christina Staudhammer,
Christopher Uhl, Edson Vidal, David Whitacre, Daniel Zarin, Johan Zweede
General Interests: Disturbance ecology, forest dynamics, forest management, phenology, population biology
Current Research Projects/Activities: Phenology and Trophic Interactions in Complex Terrain - LTER6
Ecology and Management of Mahogany in the Brazilian Amazon
Building Capacity for Sustainable Forest Management Amazonia
Enhancing Forest Value, Access and Management in the Brazilian Amazon
Intersite LTER/International Activities: Research Advisor, Forest Ecology and Management, Instituto Floresta Tropical, Belem, Brazil
Research Advisor, Community Forest Management, Gurupa, Brazil


Frey, Sarah J. K.; Hadley, Adam S.; Johnson, Sherri L.; Schulze, Mark; Jones, Julia A.; Betts, Matthew G. 2016. Spatial models reveal the microclimatic buffering capacity of old-growth forests. Science Advances. 2(4): 9p. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1501392 (Pub No: 4925)
Goralnik, Lissy; O’Connell, Kari; Schulze, Mark; Nelson, Michael Paul. 2015. HJ Andrews Forest Discovery: A conceptual framework for interdisciplinary interpretation. In: Proceedings of the 2015 Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER); October 22- 25, 2015; Portland, Oregon, USA. 43nd Annual International AEE Conference}: Association for Experiential Education (AEE): 30-34. (Pub No: 4977)
Grogan, J., S. Jennings, R.M. Landis, M. Schulze, A.M.V. Baima, J. do C.A. Lopes, J.M. Norghauerg, L.R. Oliveira, F. Pantoja, D. Pintog, J.N.M. Silva, E. Vidal, and B. Zimmerman. 2008. What loggers leave behind: big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) population structure and potential for post-logging recovery in the Brazilian Amazon. Forest Ecology and Management 255: 269-281. (Pub No: 50021)
Grogan, J., and M. Schulze. 2008. Estimating the number of trees and forest area necessary to supply internationally traded volumes of tropical timber species: the case of big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in Amazonia. Environmental Conservation 35: 26-35. (Pub No: 50020)
Schulze, M. 2008. Technical and financial analysis of enrichment planting in logging gaps as a potential component of forest management in the eastern Amazon. Forest Ecology and Management 255:866-879. (Pub No: 50022)
Schulze, M., J. Grogan, R.M. Landis, E. Vidal. 2008. How rare is too rare to harvest? Management challenges posed by timber species occurring at low densities in the Brazilian Amazon. Forest Ecology and Management 256: 1443-1457. (Pub No: 50025)
Schulze, M., J. Grogan, C. Uhl, M. Lentini and E. Vidal. 2008. Evaluating ipê (Tabebuia, Bignoniaceae) logging in Amazonia: sustainable management or catalyst for forest degradation? Biological Conservation 141: 2071-2085. (Pub No: 50026)
Schulze, M., J. Grogan, and E. Vidal. 2008. Technical challenges to sustainable forest management in concessions on public lands in the Brazilian Amazon. Journal of Sustainable Forestry 26(1): 61-75. (Pub No: 50023)
Schulze, M., J. Grogan, and E. Vidal. 2008. Forest certification in Amazonia: standards matter. Oryx 42: 229-239. (Pub No: 50024)

Personal Information:

Personal Interests: Hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, surfing