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Alan Tepley

postdoc, CU Boulder
Primary Email:
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Official position at address above: Ph.D.
Principal Collaborators: Fred Swanson, Jones, Julia A., Spies, Tom A., Thomann, Enrigue A., Daly, Chris, Smith, Courtland L.


Black, B.A.; Dunham, J.B.; Blundon, B.W.; Brim-Box, J.; Tepley, A.J. 2015. Long-term growth-increment chronologies reveal diverse influences of climate forcing on freshwater and forest biota in the Pacific Northwest. Global Change Biology 21:594-604. doi:10.1111/gcb.12756 (Pub No: 4878)
Perakis, Steven S.; Tepley, Alan J.; Compton, Jana E. 2015. Disturbance and Topography Shape Nitrogen Availability and d15N over Long-Term Forest Succession. Ecosystems 18(4): 573-588. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10021-015-9847-z (Pub No: 4898)
Tepley, A. J., F. J. Swanson, and T. A. Spies. 2014. Post-fire tree establishment and early cohort development in conifer forests of the western Cascades of Oregon, USA. Ecosphere 5(7):80. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/ES14-00112.1 (Pub No: 4863)
Peters, Debra P.C.; Lugo, Ariel E.; Chapin III, F.S.; Tepley, A.J.; Swanson, F.J. 2013. Disturbance Regimes and Ecological Responses Across Sites. In: Long-Term Trends in Ecological Systems: A Basis for Understanding Responses to Global Change. Technical Bulletin Number 1931. Washington, DC: United States Department of Agriculture: chapter 9. (Pub No: 4845)
Tepley, Alan J.; Swanson, Frederick J.; Spies, Thomas A. 2013. Fire-mediated pathways of stand development in Douglas-fir/western hemlock forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA. Ecology. 94(8): 1729-1743. (Pub No: 4839)
Tepley, Alan J.; Thomann, Enrique A. 2012. Analytical approximation of a stochastic, spatial simulation model of fire and forest landscape dynamics. Ecological Modelling. 233: 41-51. (Pub No: 4757)
Peters, D. P. C.; Lugo, A. E.; Chapin, F. S. III; Tepley, A. J.; Swanson, F. J. 2011. Disturbance regimes and ecological responses across sites. In: Yao J Long-term trends in ecological systems: A basis for understanding responses to global change. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. Chapter 8; 54-57. (Pub No: 4585)