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Bob McKane

USEPA, Western Ecology Division
200 SW 35th St.
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541-754-4631
Fax: 541-754-4799
Primary Email:

Official position at address above: Research Ecologist
Educational Institutions attended: PhD, 1991, University of Minnesota
MS, 1983, University of Washington
BS, 1976, University of Minnesota
Roles/Affiliations: Courtesy Faculty, Dept of Forest Science, Oregon State University
Long-Term Ecological Research (HJA, KNZ, ARC, CDR)
Principal Collaborators: Biogeochemistry and watershed modeling folks
General Interests: Use of stable isotopes & process-based models for analyzing effects of land use and climate change on terrestrial biogeochemistry, hydrology, and plant community dynamics
Current Research Projects/Activities: Modeling the effects of land use and climate change on ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, water quality and quantity, etc.)--scaling up from plots to regions, days to centuries
Intersite LTER/International Activities: Cross-biome comparision of how C-N-H2O interactions at multiple scales restrict ecosystem responses to global change--a modeling synthesis of empirical studies for the HJ Andrews, Konza Prairie, and Arctic LTER sites.


Abdelnour, Alex; McKane, Robert B.; Stieglitz, Marc; Pan, Feifei; Cheng, Yiwei. 2013. Effects of harvest on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a Pacific Northwest forest catchment. Water Resources Research. 49:1-22. (Pub No: 4804)
Pan, Feifei; Stieglitz, Marc; McKane, Robert B. 2012. An algorithm for treating flat areas and depressions in digital elevation models using linear interpolation. Water Resources Research. 48: 13 p. (Pub No: 4755)
Abdelnour, Alex; Stieglitz, Marc; Pan, Feifei; McKane, Robert. 2011. Catchment hydrological responses to forest harvest amount and spatial pattern. Water Resources Research. 47, W09521, doi:10.1029/2010WR010165. (Pub No: 4744)
Bolte, John P.; McKane, Robert B.; Phillips, Donald L.; Schumaker, Nathan H.; White, Denis; Brookes, Allen; Olszyk, David M. 2011. In Oregon, the EPA calculates nature’s worth now and in the future. Solutions for a sustainable and desirable future. 2(6): 35-41. (Pub No: 4761)