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Gordon Grant

Phone: (541) 750-7328
Fax: (541) 750-7329
Primary Email:
Alternative Email:

USDA Forest Service
Pacific NW Research Station
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Official position at address above: Research Hydrologist
Educational Institutions attended: Ph.D., 1986, Johns Hopkins University
BA, 1977, University of Oregon, Eugene
Roles/Affiliations: Associate Professor (courtesy), Depts. of Geosciences, Forest Science, Forest Engineering
Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
Principal Collaborators: David Montgomery(UW), George Leavesley(USGS), Jim O'Connor(USGS),Massimo Rinaldi (Univ. of Florence), Mario Lenzi
General Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, mountain streams, floods, effects of humans on natural hazards, cumulative watershed effects, effects of dams on rivers and ecosystems
Current Research Projects/Activities: Overarching theme is "Effect of altered streamflow, sediment, and woody debris transport regimes on channel processes and morphology in mountain streams"
Intersite LTER/International Activities: Intersite LTER hydrology regionalization study
Ongoing collaborations with Japanese researchers on mountain stream processes

Study Areas

Core Areas
Components Hydrology --- Associate


Jones, J. A.; Grant, G. E. 1996. Peak flow responses to clear-cutting and roads in small and large basins, western Cascades, Oregon. Water Resources Research. 32(4): 959-974. (Pub No: 1529)
Grant, G. E.; Swanson, F. J. 1995. Morphology and processes of valley floors in mountain streams, western Cascades, Oregon. In: Costa, John E.; Miller, Andrew J.; Potter, Kenneth W.; Wilcock, Peter, eds. Natural and anthropogenic influences in fluvial geomorphology: the Wolman volume. Geophysical Monograph 89. Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union: 83-101. (Pub No: 1373)
Grant, G. E.; Wolff, A. L. 1991. Long-term patterns of sediment transport after timber harvest, western Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA. In: Peters, N. E.; Walling, D. E., eds. Sediment and stream water quality in a changing environment: trends and explanation, Proceedings of the Vienna IAHS symposium , Vienna, Austria. IAHS Publication No. 203. Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: International Association of Hydrological Sciences: 31-40. [Online]. Available: http://www.cig.ensmp.fr/~iahs/redbooks/203.htm (Pub No: 1204)

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