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Picture of Researcher

Suzanne Remillard

Phone: (541) 758-8767
Primary Email:

Office: FSL 354

Forest Science Department

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

Official position at address above: Natural Resource Information Manager
Educational Institutions attended: M.S. Forest Ecology/Soil Science (1999), Oregon State University, Corvallis
B.S. Forest and Watershed Management (1988), University of Arizona, Tucson
Roles/Affiliations: Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Andrews Forest
Principal Collaborators: Don Henshaw
Theresa Valentine
Michael Nelson
Sherri Johnson
Mark Harmon
Peter Homann (Co-Major Prof)
Bernard Bormann (Co-Major Prof)
General Interests: Forest Soils, Carbon
Current Research Projects/Activities: Database management and design for:
FSDB/LTER into SQL server
Andrews LTER
ClimDB/HydroDB database project
Mount St. Helens Research Databases
Pacific Northwest Research Natural Areas
Intersite LTER/International Activities: ClimDB/HydroDB
Information Managers Committee


Kennedy, Adam M.; Remillard, Suzanne M.; Henshaw, Donald L.; Duncan, Lawrence A.; Bond, Barbara J. 2008. Converting data to information: coupling lab-level database functionality with primary LTER data archiving systems. In: Gries, Corinna; Jones, Matthew B., eds. Proceedings of the environmental information management conference 2008 (EIM 2008); Albuquerque, NM. [Place of publication unknown]: [Publisher unknown]: 77-82. [Online]. Available: https://conference.ecoinformatics.org/public/conferences/1/eim-2008-proceedings.pdf (Pub No: 4432)
Henshaw, Donald L.; Sheldon, Wade M.; Remillard, Suzanne M.; Kotwica, Kyle. 2006. CLIMDB/HYDRODB: a web harvester and data warehouse approach to building a cross-site climate and hydrology database. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering (ICHE-2006); Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA: Drexel University, College of Engineering: [Not paged]. [Online]. Available: http://hdl.handle.net/1860/1434 [Available through iDEA: Drexel E-repository and Archives]. (Pub No: 4169)
Homann, Peter S.; Harmon, Mark; Remillard, Suzanne; Smithwick, Erica A. H. 2005. What the soil reveals: potential total ecosystem C stores of the Pacific Northwest region, USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 220: 270-283. (Pub No: 3773)
Homann, P. S.; Remillard, S. M.; Harmon, M. E.; Bormann, B. T. 2004. Carbon storage in coarse and fine fractions of Pacific Northwest old-growth forest soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 68: 2023-2030. (Pub No: 3756)
Busby, Posy; Swanson, Fred; Remillard, Suzanne. 2003. Record of public communications for the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest: a brief summary and analysis. Corvallis, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 14 p. (Pub No: 3664)
Henshaw, Donald L.; Spycher, Gody; Remillard, Suzanne M. 2002. Transition from a legacy databank to an integrated ecological information system. In: Callaos, Nagib; Porter, John; Rishe, Naphtali, eds. The 6th world multiconference on systemics, cybernetics and informatics; Orlando, FL. Orlando, FL: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics: 373-378. (Pub No: 3123)
Smithwick, Erica A. H.; Harmon, Mark E.; Remillard, Suzanne M.; Acker, Steven A.; Franklin, Jerry F. 2002. Potential upper bounds of carbon stores in forests of the Pacific Northwest. Ecological Applications. 12(5): 1303-1317. (Pub No: 2833)
Harmon, Mark E.; Bible, Ken; Shaw, David; Remillard, Suzanne; Sexton, Jay; Fasth, Becky; Priestley, Amy; Chen, Jiquan; Franklin, Jerry F. 1999. Permanent plots surrounding the Wind River Canopy Crane. Permanent plots of the Pacific Northwest, USA [Online]. [Place of publication unknown]: [Publisher unknown]; Report Number 1. [Available: http://www.fsl.orst.edu/lter/pubs/permplot/windriv.htm [1999 December 8]]. (Pub No: 2735)
Remillard, Suzanne Marie. 1999. Soil carbon and nitrogen in old-growth forests in western Oregon and Washington. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University. 121 p. M.S. thesis. (Pub No: 2648)
Hoffa, E. A.; Harmon, M. E.; Remillard, S.; Acker, S. A. 1999. Potential upper bounds of carbon stores in the Pacific Northwest [Abstract]. In: The Ecological Society of America 84th annual meeting: legacies, landscapes and limits: bridging borders; 1999 August 8-12; Spokane, WA. Washington, DC: Ecological Society of America: 261. (Pub No: 300)

Personal Information:

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ
Personal Interests: rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, telemarking, trail running, dog agility