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Directory of Andrews LTER Alumni

NameGraduation Date
Jessica Celis: 2015
The Role of Intraspecific Functional Trait Variation in the Differential Decline of Meadow Species Following Conifer Encroachment (M.S.)
Kelly Erika Gleason: 2015
Forest Fire Effects on Radiative and Turbulent Fluxes over Snow: Implications for Snow Hydrology (Ph.D.)
Edward Helderop: 2015
Diversity, Generalization, and Specialization in Plant-Pollinator Networks of Montane Meadows, Western Cascades, Oregon (M.S.)
Raymond Christopher Johnson: 2015
Bright Air: Geoprocessing Thermal Imagery to Map the Nocturnal Dynamics of the Boundary Layer in a Mountain Valley (M.S.)
Baek Soo "Peggy" Lee: 2015
Hydrologic and Land Cover Effects on Sources and Fate of In-Stream Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter
Kathleen M. Miles: 2015
Trends in streamflow from old growth forested watersheds in the western Cascades (M.S. 2010); Optimizing Reservoir Operations to Adapt to 21st Century Expectations of Climate and Social Change in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Lauren Remenick: 2015
HJA Day Experiences: Understanding Participant Outcomes at a Non-formal Science Education Event (M.S.)
Jed Cappellazzi: 2014
The development and decline dynamics of two ectomycorrhizal fungal mat soil microbial communities in response to a reciprocal soil transfer experiment in old-growth Douglas-fir forests (M.S.)
Samantha E. Colby: 2014
Seasonality as a driving factor of decomposition pathways in both meadows and forests: an exploration across a gradient of climate in Oregon (M.S.)
Hayley Corson-Rikert: 2014
Carbon dynamics in the hyporheic zone of a headwater mountain stream in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon (M.S.)
Nicholas T. Dosch: 2014
Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Drivers of Stream pCO2 in a Headwater Catchment in the Western Cascade Mountains, Oregon (M.S.)
Elizabeth Garcia: 2014
Ecohydrologic Modeling in Three Western U.S. Mountain Watersheds: Implications of Climate, Soil, and Carbon Cycling Interactions for Streamflow (Ph.D)
Sarah J. K. Frey Hadley: 2014
Effects of Spatial Scale and Heterogeneity on Avian Occupancy Dynamics and Population Trends in Forested Mountain Landscapes (Ph.D.)
John C. Hammond: 2014
Trends in streamflow above and below dams across the Columbia River basin from 1950 to 2012 : assessing sub-basin sensitivity (M.S.)
Keith S. Jennings: 2014
Precipitation-snowmelt timing and snowmelt augmentation of large peak flow events, western Cascades, Oregon (M.S.)
Tuan N.T. Pham: 2014
Interactive Visualization of Diversity in Multivariate Data Sets Unified across Fields of Study (Ph.D.)
Christopher D. Walsh: 2014
Local scale spatial and temporal variation in wet deposition of persistent organic pollutants by snow (Ph.D.)
: 2013
Integrating solute transport, metabolism and processing in stream ecosystems (Ph.D.)
Jerilyn Walley: 2013
Valley circulation experiment: A classification of wind flow in the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest (M.S.)
Scott Thomas Allen: 2012
Trickle-down ecohydrology : complexity of rainfall interception and net precipitation under forest canopies (M.S.)
Ethan W. Dereszynski: 2012
Probabilistic Models for Quality Control in Environmental Sensor Networks (Ph.D.); A probabilistic model for anomaly detection in remote sensor streams (MS 2007)
Cody Vaniel Hale: 2012
Beyond the paired-catchment approach : isotope tracing to illuminate stocks, flows, transit time, and scaling (Ph.D.)
Evan Hayduk: 2012
Using LiDAR Data to Estimate Effective Leaf Area Index, Determine Biometrics and Visualize Canopy Structure in a Central Oregon Forest with Complex Terrain (M.S.)
: 2012
Characterization of Fungal and Bacterial Communities Associated with Matforming Ectomycorrhizal Fungi from Old-growth Stands in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (Ph.D.)
Fox Sparky Peterson: 2012
Post-harvest establishment influences ANPP, soil C and DOC export in complex mountainous terrain (Ph.D.)
Vera Wilder Pfeiffer: 2012
Influence of spatial and temporal factors on plants, pollinators and plant-pollinator interactions in montane meadows of the western Cascades Range (M.S.)
Eric Sproles: 2012
Climate change impacts on mountain snowpack presented in a knowledge to action framework (Ph.D.)
Jennifer Dawn Wig: 2012
Effects of 20 years of litter and root manipulations on soil organic matter dynamics
Sveta Yegorova: 2012
Bird-vegetation relationships across ten years after thinning in young thinned and unthinned Douglas-fir forests (M.S.)
Alex Abdelnour: 2011
Assessing ecosystem response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances using an eco-hydrological model (Ph.D.)
Elizabeth Ann Brewer: 2011
Response of soil microbial communities and nitrogen cycling processes to changes in vegetation inputs (Ph.D.)
William C. Clark: 2011
Road networks, timber harvest, and the spread of Phytophthora root rot infestations of Port-Orford-­cedar in southwest Oregon (M.S.)
: 2011
The Role of Bedrock Groundwater in Rainfall-Runoff Response at Hillslope and Catchement Scales (M.S)
Kendra L. Hatcher: 2011
Interacting effects of climate, forest dynamics, landforms, and river regulation on streamflow trends since 1950: examples from the Willamette Basin and forested headwater sites in the US (M.S.)
: 2011
The historic and contemporary ecology of western Cascade meadows: archeology, vegetation, and macromoth ecology (Ph.D.)
Timothy B. Inman: 2011
Local Perceptions of Social-Ecological Change on the McKenzie: Implications for Resilience (M.S.)
Carrie A. Manore: 2011
Non-spatial and spatial models for multi-host pathogen spread in competing species with applications to BYDV and rinderpest (M.S.)
Travis R. Roth: 2011
Headwater stream characterization: an energy and physical approach to stream temperature using distributed temperature sensing (M.S.)
Alexis Smoluk: 2011
Geographic Distributions of Prey of the Northern Spotted Owl in the Central West Cascades, Oregon, 1988-2009 (M.S.)
Jay P. Zarnetske: 2011
Hydrological and biogeochemical dynamics of nitrate production and removal at the stream – ground water interface (Ph.D.)
Phoebe Lehmann Zarnetske: 2011
The influence of biophysical feedbacks and species interactions on grass invasions and coastal dune morphology in the Pacific Northwest, USA (Ph.D.)
Nicole M. Czarnomski: 2010
Influence of vegetation on streambank hydraulics (Ph.D.); Effects of harvest and roads on in-stream wood abundance in the Blue River Basin, western Cascades, Oregon (M.S. 2003)
Jason J.B. Frentress: 2010
Stream DOC, nitrate, chloride and SUVA response to land use during winter baseflow conditions in sub-basins of the Willamette River Basin, OR (M.S.)
Laurie Gilligan: 2010
Stand structures of Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) woodlands and their relationships to the environment in southwestern Oregon (M.S.)
Ryan D. Haugo: 2010
Causes and consequences of conifer invasion into Pacific Northwest grasslands (Ph.D.);Vegetation responses to conifer encroachment in a dry, montane meadow: a chronosequence approach (M.S. 2006)
Julie A. Huff: 2010
Monitoring river restoration using fiber optic temperature measurements in a modeling framework (M.S.)
Stephanie Rose Jenkins: 2010
Post-breeding habitat selection by songbirds in the headwaters of the Trask River, northwestern Oregon (M.S.)
Laurel Anne Kluber: 2010
Microbial and biochemical dynamics of ectomycorrhizal mat and non-mat forest soils (Ph.D.)
Andrew K. McFadden: 2010
Effects of Stand Thinning on Soil Erosion Rates at Jim's Creek in the Willamette National Forest, Oregon (M.S.)
Sean M. Moore: 2010
The effects of community composition, landscape structure, and climate on host-pathogen interactions (Ph.D.)
Bryan Matthew Rebar: 2010
Evidence, explanations, and recommendations for teachers' field trip strategies (Ph.D.)
Janine M. Rice: 2010
Forest-meadow dynamics in the central western Oregon Cascades: topographic, biotic, and environmental change effects (Ph.D.)
Alan J. Tepley: 2010
Age structure, developmental pathways, and fire regime characterization of Douglas-fir/western hemlock forests in the central western Cascades of Oregon (Ph.D.)
Jeremy M. Adams: 2009
Soil Transport on a Forested Hillslope: Quantifying Baseline Rates of Surface Erosion, Jim’s Creek, Willamette National Forest, Oregon (M.S.)
Holly R. Barnard: 2009
Inter-relationships of vegetation, hydrology and micro-climate in a young, Douglas-fir forest (Ph.D.)
Elizabeth Burrows: 2009
Optimization of environmental conditions and electron flow for enhanced hydrogen production by cyanobacterial species Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 (Ph.D.)
Christopher Brian Graham: 2009
A macroscale measurement and modeling approach to improve understanding of the hydrology of steep, forested hillslopes (Ph.D.)
Robert M Hoshaw: 2009
The contribution of reflective writing to ecological awareness at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (M.S.)
Zachary E. Kayler: 2009
The methodology, implementation,and analysis of the isotopic composition of soil respired CO2 in forest ecological research (Ph.D.)
Stephen Richard Mitchell: 2009
The effects of forest fuel reduction on fire severity and long-term carbon storage (Ph.D.)
Claire Phillips: 2009
Distinguishing biological and physical controls on soil respiration (Ph.D.)
Janet Kaye Rasmussen: 2009
Reactive polyphenols and dissolved nitrogen in a nitrogen-limited headwater catchment, Western Cascades, Oregon, USA (M.S.)
Carlos Alberto Sierra: 2009
Environmental variability and system heterogeneity in terrestrial biogeochemical models (Ph.D. 2009); Spatial and temporal variability of carbon dynamics in a tropical forest of Colombia (MS 2006)
Tiffany Lee van Huysen: 2009
Nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics during decomposition of multiple litter types in temperate coniferous forests (Ph.D.)
Asako Melody Yamamuro: 2009
Aquatic insect adaptations to different flow regimes (Ph.D.)
Aaron Stone Arthur: 2008
Thirty-five years of forest succession in southwest Oregon: Vegetation response to three distinct logging treatments (M.S.)
Joseph H. Blanchard: 2008
Episodic dynamics of microbial communities associated with the birth and death of ectomycorrhizal mats in old-growth Douglas-fir stands (M.S.)
Mike Collier: 2008
Demonstration of fiber optic distributed temperature sensing to differentiate cold water refuge between ground water inflows and hyporheic exchange (M.S.)
Aldo Compagnoni: 2008
Controls on Plant Species Invasions During Early Secondary Succession: The Roles of Plant Origin and Community Properties (M.S.)
Michele Meadows Dailey: 2008
Meadow Classification in the Willamette National Forest and Conifer Encroachment Patterns in the Chucksney-Grasshopper Meadow Complex, Western Cascade Range, Oregon. (M.S.)
David Daniel Diaz: 2008
Carbon cycling and priming of soil organic matter decomposition in a forest soil following glucose additions (M.S.)
Timothy Paul Drake: 2008
Empirical modeling of windthrow occurrence in streamside buffer strips (M.S.)
Timothy D. Perry: 2008
Do vigorous young forests reduce streamflow? Results from up to 54 years of streamflow records in eight paired-watershed experiments in the H. J. Andrews and South Umpqua Experimental Forests (M.S.)
Stephen D. Sebestyen: 2008
Coupled hydrological and biogeochemical processes that control stream nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon at the Sleepers River Research Watershed (Ph.D.)
Julian Licata: 2007
Structural and physiological changes with stand age : use of a process-based model to compare carbon and water fluxes in young and old-growth Douglas-fir/western hemlock forest stands (Ph.D.)
Daniel J. Sobota: 2007
Linkages among Land Use, Riparian Zones, and Uptake and Transformation of Nitrate in Stream Ecosystems (PhD 2007);Fall directions and breakage of riparian trees along streams in the Pacific Northwest (MS 2003)
Willem J. van Verseveld: 2007
Hydro-biogeochemical coupling at the hillslope and catchment scale (Ph.D.)
Nichole I. Victory: 2007
Quantification of advection and dispersion in lateral subsurface flowpaths at the hillslope-scale (M.S.)
Stephanie A. Yarwood: 2007
The link between nitrogen cycling and soil microbial community composition in forest soils of western Oregon (Ph.D.)
Bree Benton: 2006
LTER and SMILE Activity Notebook (Masters Project)
Susan E. Crow: 2006
Characteristics of soil organic matter in two forest soils (Ph.D.)
Charles H Frady: 2006
Headwater stream macroinvertebrates of the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon (M.S.)
Thomas W. Giesen: 2006
Four centuries of soil carbon and nitrogen change after severe fire in a western Cascades forest landscape (M.S.)
Mark J. Hauck: 2006
Isotopic composition of respired CO2 in a small watershed : development and testing of an automated sampling system and analysis of first year data (M.S.)
Anne J. Jefferson: 2006
Hydrology and evolution of High Cascades basaltic landscapes, McKenzie River basin, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Nicole L. Lang: 2006
The soil seed bank of an Oregon montane meadow: consequences of conifer encroachment and implications for restoration (M.S.)
Justin M LaNier: 2006
Changes in Hyporheic Exchange Flow Following Experimental Large Wood Removal in a Second Order, Low Gradient Stream, Chichagof Island, AK (M.S.)
Angela L. Mallon: 2006
Public acceptance of disturbance-based forest management: a study of the attentive public in the Central Cascades Adaptive Management Area (M.S.)
Adam B. Mazurkiewicz: 2006
Measurement and modeling the physical controls of snowmelt in the Pacific Northwest (M.S.)
Samantha A. Sheehy: 2006
Exotic Plant Species Dynamics from 1994 to 2005 on Road Networks in Forested Landscapes of Western Oregon (M.S.)
Paul Khalil Anderson: 2005
A study of in stream complexity in three Oregon Coast Range watersheds (M.S.)
Sarah Beldin: 2005
Cation Exchange Capacity of Density Fractions from Paired Conifer/Grassland Soils (M.S.)
Justin B. Brant: 2005
Litter Controls of Microbial Community Composition and Function in Forest Soils (M.S.)
Scott Fitzgerald: 2005
Evolution and classification of Bibionidae (Diptera: Bibionomorpha) (Ph.D.)
Stacie A. Kageyama: 2005
Effects of vegetation and disturbance on Fungal Communities in the western Cascades of Oregon (Ph.D.)
Samuel J. Littlefield: 2005
Patterns of chronic wind mortality in a small, old-growth Pseudotsuga menziesii forest in the Western Cascades, Oregon. (M.S.)
James A. Lutz: 2005
The contribution of mortality to early coniferous forest development (M.S.)
Jeffery J. Ninnemann: 2005
A study of hyporheic characteristics along a longitudinal profile of Lookout Creek, Oregon (M.S.)
Travis J. Woolley: 2005
Inter-annual variability of net primary productivity across multiple spatial scales in the western Oregon Cascades : methods of estimation and examination of spatial coherence (M.S.)
John Lennon Campbell: 2004
Carbon fluxes across three climatically-distinct forest chronosequences in Oregon. (Ph.D.)
David Marshall Dreher: 2004
Effects of input and redistribution processes on instream wood abundance and arrangement in Lookout Creek, western Cascades Range, Oregon (M.S.)
Alex M. Farrand: 2004
Effect of adult aquatic insect life history on return to Lookout Creek, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon. (M.S.)
Michael J Farrell: 2004
Geologic control of stream temperatures in the McKenzie River watershed and implications for sensitivity to climate change (M.S.)
Anne C.S. Fiala McIntosh: 2004
Forest canopy sturcture in western Oregon : characterization, methods for estimation, prediction, and importance to avian species (M.S.)
Sheryl K. Giglia: 2004
Spatial and temporal patterns of "super-old" Douglas-fir trees of the Central Western Cascades, Oregon. (M.S.)
Heath Keirstead: 2004
Quantifying C and N contents and isotope signatures of SOM pools in the H.J. Andrews DIRT plots (M.S.)
Kevin J. McGuire: 2004
Water residence time and runoff generation in the western ;Cascades, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Christina S. Olsen: 2004
Scientists' Perspectives on the Importance of Scientific Communication in Natural Resource Decision-Making (M.S.)
Thomas G. Pypker: 2004
The importance of canopy structure and epiphytes on the hydrology of Douglas-fir forest canopies (Ph.D.)
Jessica J. Rykken: 2004
Relationships between forest-floor invertebrate distribution, movement, and microclimate under alternative riparian management practices (Ph.D.)
Steven Van Tuyl: 2004
Carbon storage and fluxes in forests of western Oregon- successional patterns and environmental controls (M.S.)
Nicholas A. Watterson: 2004
Exotic plant invasion from roads to stream networks in steep forested landscapes of western Oregon (M.S.)
Zhiqiang Yang: 2004
Early forest succession following clearcuts in western Oregon: Patterns and abiotic controls (Ph.D.)
Jason S. Barker: 2003
The effects of moisture content and initial heterotrophic colonization on the decomposition of coarse woody debris (M.S.)
John Joseph Dixon: 2003
Applying GIS to soil-geomorphic landscape mapping in the Lookout Creek valley, western Cascades, Oregon (M.S.)
Susie M. Dunham: 2003
Population genetics, systematics and habitat associations of Chanterelles in the Pacific Northwest (Ph.D.)
Briana C. Lindh: 2003
Understory herb and shrub responses to root trenching, pre-commercial thinning and canopy closure in Douglas-fir forests of the western Cascades, Oregon (Ph.D. 2003)
Todd R. Lookingbill: 2003
Communities in transition: a multi-phase study of the Tsuga heterophylla/Abies amabilis ecotone in the Oregon Cascades (Ph.D.)
Georgianne W. Moore: 2003
Drivers of Variability in Transpiration and Implications for Stream Flow in Forests of Western Oregon (Ph.D.)
Jon Nicolello: 2003
A study of partial logging and burning effects on stream temperature in the Blue River drainage, western Cascades, Oregon (M.S.)
Etsuko Nonaka: 2003
Disturbance and landscape history as a reference for evaluating forest management effects at a regional scale : examples from the Coast Range of Oregon, USA (M.S.)
Jeremy J. Rich: 2003
Community composition and activities of denitrifying bacteria in soils (Ph.D.)
Dana N. R. Ross: 2003
Butterflies of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest : biological inventory and ecological analysis (M.S.)
Lara R. Rozzell: 2003
Species pairwise associations over nine years of secondary succession: assessing alternative explanations and successional mechanisms (M.S.)
Justin K. Anderson: 2002
Patterns in stream geomorphology and implications for hyporheic exchange flow (M.S.)
Shanti D. Berryman: 2002
Epiphytic macrolichens in relation to forest management and topography in a western Oregon watershed (Ph.D.)
Anthony W. D'Amato: 2002
Interference dynamics in mixed red alder/Douglas-fir forests (M.S.)
Jean-Christophe Domec: 2002
Structure and hydraulic function of xylem in two tree species with contrasting amounts of sapwood, Pseudotsuga menziesii and Pinus ponderosa (Ph.D.)
Thomas D. Hayes: 2002
Ecosystem consequences of forest fragmentation in the Pacific Northwest: biogeochemical edge effects within oldgrowth forest remnants (Ph.D.)
Rachel S. Heichen: 2002
Biology and chemistry of a meadow-to-forest transition in the central Oregon Cascades (M.S.)
Scott M. Holub: 2002
The fate of organic and inorganic nitrogen inputs in an old-growth forest of the central Oregon Cascade Range (Ph.D.)
Christine May: 2002
Spatial and temporal dynamics of sediment and wood in headwater streams in the central Oregon Coast Range (Ph.D.)
Ann T. Mintie: 2002
Community profiles of ammonia oxidizers across high-elevation forest-to-meadow transects (M.S.)
Deana D. Pennington: 2002
Structural and functional comparison of human-impacted and natural forest landscapes in the western Cascades of Oregon (Ph.D.)
Jonathan W. Smith: 2002
Mapping the thermal climate of the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Julie D. H. Spears: 2002
The imprint of coarse woody debris on soil biological and chemcial properties in the western Oregon Cascades (Ph.D.)
V. Eleanor Vandegrift: 2002
Fungal diversity within decomposing woody conifer roots in Oregon (M.S.)
Yuriko Yano: 2002
Characteristics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and its stabilization in forest soil (Ph.D.)
Hoonbok Yi: 2002
Response of arthropods to different intensities of thinning in Oregon (Ph.D.)
Patricia A. Zaradic: 2002
Food limited to habitat limited: Predator prey uncoupled (Ph.D.)
Kenneth J. Bible: 2001
Long-term patterns of Douglas-fir and western hemlock mortality in the western Cascade Mountains of Washington and Oregon (Ph.D.)
Jack A. Burgess: 2001
Response of trout, sculpins, and salamanders to experimental manipulation of large wood in Cascade Mountain streams (M.S.)
Jenifer L. Hutchinson: 2001
Riparian lichens of northern Idaho (M.S.)
Jack E. Janisch: 2001
Carbon storage in a Pacific Northwest conifer forest ecosystem: a chronosequence approach (M.S.)
Timothy Edwards Link: 2001
The water and energy dynamics of an old-growth seasonal temperate rainforest (Ph.D 2001); Seasonal snowcover dynamics beneath boreal forest canopies (M.S. 1998)
Mark A. Meleason: 2001
A simulation model of wood dynamics in Pacific Northwest streams (Ph.D.)
Mary F. Poteet: 2001
Effects of disturbance on host-parasite interactions: A case study involving the Pacific Giant salamander (Ph.D.)
Michele L. Pruyn: 2001
Patterns of stem respiration within tree, with age, and among species in Pacific Northwest trees (Ph.D.)
Meg Ruby: 2001
Forest macro-arthropods as potential indicators of ecosystem conditions in Western Idaho : an analysis of community composition, biological diversity, and community structure (M.S.)
Diane M. Sanzone: 2001
Linking communities across ecosystem boundaries: the influence of aquatic subsidies on terrestrial predators (Ph.D.)
Erica A. H. Smithwick: 2001
Potential carbon storage at the landscape scale in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. (Ph.D.)
Evelyn L. Berkley: 2000
Visualizing Patterns of Fire Occurrence in Western Oregon from A.D. 1200 to Present (M.S.)
Gregory J. Brenner: 2000
Riparian and adjacent upslope beetle communities along a third order stream in the western Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Anona L. Dutton: 2000
Process-based simulations of near-surface hydrologic response for a forested upland catchment: the impact of a road (M.S.)
John M. Faustini: 2000
Stream channel response to peak flows in a fifth-order mountain watershed (Ph.D.)
William H. Heyborne: 2000
Ground dwelling beetles in early and late successional forests in the western Cascades of Oregon (M.S.)
William T. Hicks: 2000
Modeling nitrogen fixation in dead wood (Ph.D.)
Tamao Kasahara: 2000
Geomorphic controls on hyporheic exchange flow in mountain streams (M.S.)
Michelle L. Murillo: 2000
Modeling slope stability uncertainty: a case study at the Andrews Experimental Forest (M.S.)
Brett Loren Schaerer: 2000
Arthropod community structure in regenerating Douglas-fir and red alder forests: influences of geography, tree diversity and density (M.S.)
Kai U. Snyder: 2000
Debris flows and flood disturbance in small, mountain watersheds (Ph.D.)
Elizabeth A. St. Pierre: 2000
Effects of canopy gaps in Douglas-fir forests and resource gradients on fecundity and growth of understory herbs (Ph.D.)
Christopher W. Swanston: 2000
Influences of nitrogen on carbon dynamics in forest soil and density fractions (Ph.D.)
Kristin L. Vanderbilt: 2000
Patterns of nitrogen fluxes in watersheds of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, OR (Ph.D.)
Scott R. Waichler: 2000
Simulation of vegetation and hydrology for climate change analysis of a mountain watershed (Ph.D.)
Mikhail Yatskov: 2000
A chronosequence of wood decomposition in the boreal forests of Russia (M.S.)
: 1999
Root decomposition in three coniferous forests : effects of substrate quality, temperature, and moisture (Ph.D.)
Sharon London: 1999
Spatial distribution of understory vegetation in tree canopy gaps of the Pacific Northwest (M.S.)
Mary Ann Madej: 1999
Patterns of hillslope and channel recovery following disturbances in steep, forested basins (Ph.D.)
Christina L. Tague: 1999
Modeling seasonal hydrologic response to forest harvesting and road construction: the role of drainage organization (Ph.D.)
Rota Wagai: 1999
Dynamics of water-soluble carbon in forest soils of contrasting fertility (M.S.)
Michael C. Wimberly: 1999
Watershed-scale vegetation patterns in a late-successional forest landscape in the Oregon Coast Range (Ph.D.)
Joy Elaine Archuleta: 1998
Analysis of streamflow response to harvesting on the South Umpqua Experimental Forest (M.S.)
Kim Bredensteiner: 1998
An investigation of vegetation : hydrology interactions in watershed 1 at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (M.S.)
Matthew G. Hunter: 1998
Watershed-level patterns among stream amphibians in the Blue River watershed, West-Central Cascades of Oregon (M.S.)
Yana S. Valachovic: 1998
Leaf litter chemistry and decomposition in a Pacific Northwest Coniferous forest ecosystem (M.S.)
Kelli J. Van Norman: 1998
Historical fire regime in the Little River watershed, southwestern Oregon (M.S.)
Peter J. Weisberg: 1998
Fire history, fire regimes, and development of forest structure in the central western Oregon Cascades (Ph.D.)
Beverley C. Wemple: 1998
Investigations of runoff production and sedimentation on forest roads (Ph.D.)
Pamela Wright: 1998
The effect of fire regime on coarse woody debris in the west central Cascades, Oregon (M.S.)
Heather L. Bonin: 1997
Fine benthic organic matter (FBOM) dynamics in low-order mountain streams : (1) methods evaluation and (2) the effects of stand age, season, and elevation on FBOM nutrient availability and microbiological characteristics (M.S.)
Christian A. Braudrick: 1997
Entrainment, transport, and deposition of large woody debris in streams : results from a series of flume experiments (M.S.)
Matthew N. Goslin: 1997
Development of two coniferous stands impacted by multiple, partial fires in the Oregon Cascades : establishment history and the spatial patterns of colonizing tree species relative to old-growth remnant trees (M.S.)
Kikombo Ilunga: 1997
Spatial and temporal patterns of forest cover in the central western Cascades of Oregon and southeast Zaire: a test of distance decay and deforestation models (Ph.D.)
Peter C. Impara: 1997
Spatial and temporal patterns of fire in the forests of the central Oregon Coast Range (Ph.D.)
Beth C. Lambert: 1997
The effects of hillslope and fluvial processes on particle size of the stream bed at the watershed, reach and within-reach scales in a fifth-order mountain stream (M.S.)
Brian B. Oakley: 1997
Prunus emarginata and the role of the seed bank (M.S.)
Reed M. Perkins: 1997
Climatic and physiographic controls on peakflow generation in the western Cascades, Oregon (Ph.D.)
Keith A. Swindle: 1997
Landscape composition around northern spotted owl nests, central Cascade Mountains, Oregon (M.S.)
Jinfan Duan: 1996
A coupled hydrologic-geomorphic model for evaluating effects of vegetation change on watersheds (Ph.D.)
Steven M. Wondzell: 1994
Flux of ground water and nitrogen through the floodplain of a fourth-order stream (Ph.D.)
Marla L. Gillham: 1989
Physical and chemical characteristics of riparian soils two third order streams in the western Cascades of Oregon (M.S.)