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  Andrews LTER Emailing Lists

The H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest LTER site maintains several mailing lists to facilitate the distribution and communication of information. The specialized lists also provide a mechanism for sharing ideas and are informal forums for discussion of science issues The technical or web related issues lists were developed to address science, web, or facilities issues or questions.

Note: In an effort to reduce the amount of email SPAM that comes across through the Andrews LTER mailing lists, Specialized Science Lists, and some of the Other Lists, these lists have been converted to Majordomo. Majordomo is a program which automates the management of internet mailing lists. This means that in order to send an email to any list, your email address (from where you are sending), must be on the lterlong list (referred to as "moderated" list). When you send an email to a "moderated" list and your email address does not match the email address on the lterlong list, the email will not be delivered and will not bounce back to you. In most cases, failed email will be evaluated and the sender will be alerted. If you are not a member of lterlong, but would like to send a message to one of the moderated lists, contact a list participant.

The Andrews LTER Mailing Lists:

LTER Long List () - Participant List
A broad audience informational list. It is the most inclusive list and includes all members in the ltershort, ltergrad, and lterpi lists, plus any other persons interested in the Andrews program. This list receives very little mail, but is used to announce events like the HJ Andrews Symposia, HJA Day and other similar events and receives the Andrews Newsletter and the monthly meeting announcements.
LTER Short List () - Participant List
A wide audience list of active Andrews LTER participants including Andrews LTER researchers named in the current LTER grant (lterpi), graduate students (ltergrad), and other people currently involved or who plan to be involved at the Andrews. This list receives more frequent emails than lterlong and is used to communicate opportunities and information pertinent to people visiting or doing research or working at the Andrews such as meetings, seminars, gatherings, funding and job opportunities and site-related updates.
LTER Principal Investigators () - Participant List
Andrews LTER researchers named in the current NSF-LTER proposal or annual report. This list is used to relay information pertinent to this group (meetings, budgets, LNO activities).
LTER Graduate Students () - Participant List
Andrews LTER graduate students and other interested students and researchers. This list is used to announce opportunities and events targeted towards graduate students.

Specialized Science Group Lists:

LTER Education Committee () - Participant List
A list for Andrews LTER educational programs and activities.
HJA Climate Committee () - Participant List
A list for distribution and discussion of the climate research component.
HJA Field Group () - Participant List
Andrews field crew and data managers for discussion of field related issues and problems.
Permanent Site Plot Group () - Participant List
Researchers involved in the permanent site network.

Technical, Web Related Issues, and Other Lists:

LTER Executive Committee () - Participant List
An internal list for the LTER Executive Committee
Science Issues Web Committee () - Participant List
A non-moderated list to a committee responsible for handling and responding to "Science Issues" questions from web users.
HJA Facilities Contact () - Participant List
A non-moderated list used to address issues regarding the Andrews facilities.
HJA Publications () - Participant List
A non-moderated list to which researchers can send publications (pdf) or publication information.
LTER Exec Committee Advisors () - Participant List
An internal list of advisors to the LTER Executive Committee
Data Requests and Questions () - Participant List
A non-moderated list to a committee responsible for addressing data requests and questions about data.
Technical Web Committee () - Participant List
A non-moderated list to a committee responsible for addressing technical web/database issues from web users.