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The Andrews Forest Program includes a very broad spectrum of outreach activities with multiple objectives and funding sources. The Education program provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate classes from regional and international schools to visit the forest for field courses, study tours and research experiences. Innovative K-12 programs give teachers the experience and skills to lead authentic research projects with their students, and middle school students the unique opportunity to study the forest on the ground and in the canopy. The Andrews is recognized as a leader in developing research-management partnerships in which insights and information flow in both directions, projects are undertaken jointly to development the scientific basis for addressing land management challenges, and broad communication of key findings is a priority. We recognize that science is but one way of knowing; we actively promote arts and humanities inquiry into the nature of our forests, streams and selves through our LTEReflections program.

Learn more about Andrews Education Programs, Research-Management Partnerships and Arts and Humanities, including opportunities to get involved.

Andrews Forest Education and Outreach Activities
K-12 Students and Teachers
Canopy Connections students.
By Katie Nussbaum.
Undergraduate and Graduate
Undergraduate Student at the Andrews.
By Lina DiGregorio
Outreach and Continuing Education
HJA Day.
By Lina DiGregorio