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Field Tour with Mark Harmon, Photographed by Andrea Campanella Date: Spring 2005

Educational Goals for the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest:

  1. Promote a better understanding of how ecosystems function.
  2. Foster ways to apply new findings.
  3. Increase awareness of ecosystem sustainability issues.
  4. Increase linkages with university classes.
  5. Create the next generation of scientists, natural resource managers, and informed citizen leaders.
  6. Create programs that help capture scientists and natural resource managers while they are in their K-12 years.
  7. Increase programs for the general public.
  8. Build good public relations.

The Andrews Forest education and outreach program addresses a full spectrum of student and teacher audiences. Click here for more information on current and future activities. Visit the HJ Andrews Field Guide for more information on Geomorphology and Hydrology.

Past versions of the Education Plan for the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest are available in our on-line archive.(PDF Format or HTML Format)

For more information on the Education Program, contact the Andrews Education Committee.