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Vascular plant list on the Andrews Experimental Forest and nearby Research Natural Areas, 1958 to 1979
PI: Charles B. Halpern

Soil descriptions and data for soil profiles in the Andrews Experimental Forest, selected reference stands, Research Natural Areas, and National Parks, 1962 & 1996
PI: C. Ted Dyrness

Soil Moisture and vegetation cover patterns after logging and burning an old-growth Douglas-fir forest in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1960-1983
PI: Alfred B. Levno

Disturbance effects on soil processes in the Andrews Experimental Forest (1995 Stand Age Study)
PI: Robert P. Griffiths

Post-logging community structure and biomass accumulation in Watershed 10, Andrews Experimental Forest , 1974 to present
PI: Thomas A. Spies

Dynamics of montane and subalpine meadows in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area and Biosphere Reserve, 1981-1993
PI: Charles B. Halpern

Pacific Northwest Plant Biomass Component Equation Library
PI: Mark E. Harmon

Plant succession and biomass dynamics following logging and burning in Watersheds 1 and 3, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1962 to Present
PI: Charles B. Halpern

Species interactions during succession in the western Cascade Range of Oregon, 1990 to present
PI: Charles B. Halpern

DEMO: Vegetation Data - Pre-Harvest
PI: Charles B. Halpern

DEMO: Vegetation Data - Post-Harvest
PI: Charles B. Halpern

TP110 **Access to data is restricted**
Chanterelle productivity responses to young stand thinning in the western Oregon Cascades
PI: David P. Pilz

Plant biomass dynamics following logging, burning, and thinning in Watersheds 6 and 7, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1979 to present
PI: Mark E. Harmon

Plant biomass dynamics in old-growth Watersheds 8 and 9 at the Andrews Experimental Forest, 2003 to present
PI: Mark E. Harmon

Dendrometer studies for stand volume and height measurements of trees of the western US, 1976 to 1993
PI: Mark E. Harmon

Long-term growth, mortality and regeneration of trees in permanent vegetation plots in the Pacific Northwest, 1910 to present
PI: Mark E. Harmon

TV019 **Access to data is restricted**
Cone production of upper slope conifers in the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington, 1962 to present
PI: Julia A. Jones

TV025 **Access to data is restricted**
Ecosystem responses to the creation of tree-fall gaps in the western Cascades of Oregon and Washington (Experimental Gap Study), 1990 to 2006
PI: Thomas A. Spies

TV033 **Access to data is restricted**
Retrospective Studies of Green Tree Retention in the Pacific Northwest, 1993
PI: Thomas A. Spies

Forest structure and biomass in early successional harvest units of the Andrews Experimental Forest (ESSA), 1999 to present
PI: Mark E. Harmon

TV056 **Access to data is restricted**
Comparisons among five canopy-cover estimating methods in five Douglas-fir/western hemlock structure types in the western Oregon Cascades
PI: Anne C.S. Fiala McIntosh

Live tree and tree-ring records to reconstruct the structural development of an old-growth Douglas-fir/western hemlock stand in the western Washington Cascades
PI: Linda Ellen Winter

DEMO Wildlife Study: Arboreal Rodents, Small Mammals, Amphibians, and Birds
PI: Keith B. Aubry