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Properties of Attributes in entity 3 table: Scar data
    Name Keyfield Nullable Attribute Type Domain Scale NumType Range Precision Units
    STCODE N N char(5) freetext nominal
    FORMAT N N numeric(1,0) range interval natural 3.-3. 1. number
    TRANSECT N N char(6) enum nominal
    ZONE N N char(6) enum nominal
    CLEARCUT N N char(6) freetext nominal
    UTMNORTH N N char(10) freetext nominal
    UTMEAST N N char(10) freetext nominal
    ASPECT N N char(2) freetext nominal
    SLOPEPOS N N char(2) enum nominal
    STUMP_NUM N N char(4) freetext nominal
    SCARAGE N N numeric(5,0) range ratio natural 15.-447. 1. number of years
    SCARPOS N Y char(3) enum nominal
    SCARRAD N Y numeric(5,0) range ratio whole 0.-129. 1. centimeters
    SCARCIRC N Y numeric(4,0) range ratio whole 1.-75. 1. percent