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DEMO: Vegetation Data - Pre-Harvest

  • PI: Charles B. Halpern
  • Originator: Charles B. Halpern
  • Other researchers: Shelley A. Evans
  • Dates of data collection: Jul 1 1994 - Oct 31 1997
  • Data collection status: Study collection is completed and no new collection is planned
  • Data access: Online
  • Last update: Jan 30 2012 (Version 3)

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Study Description Study Site Map Taxonomic Hierarchy Download Study Location Information: (CSV)
Download Full Documentation: (PDF) (EML)
1 Physical and Site Characteristics (U-A1) METADATA DATA
2 Transect Bearings and Rebar Placement (U-A2) METADATA DATA
3 Percent Overstory, Canopy Cover: Moosehorn Densiometer (U-A) METADATA DATA
4 Herb Layer Cover and Height, Numbers of Tree Seedlings (U-B) METADATA DATA
5 Ground Surface Conditions (U-C) METADATA DATA
6 Tall Shrub and Understory Tree Layer: Cover (U-D1) METADATA DATA
7 Tall Shrub and Understory Tree Layer: Height (U-D2) METADATA DATA
8 Coarse Woody Debris (U-E) METADATA DATA
9 Density of Understory Trees (U-F) METADATA DATA
10 Pre-Harvest Tree Diameters (O-A) METADATA DATA
11 Snag Measurements (O-B) METADATA DATA
12 Tree Heights METADATA DATA
14 Percent Overstory Canopy Cover: Truck Mirrors (U-H) METADATA DATA
15 Preharvest Disturbance: Stumps and Skid Rows (U-I) METADATA DATA
16 Preharvest Disturbance: Tree Falls and Tree Breakage (U-J) METADATA DATA
17 Epiphytic Lichen Biomass METADATA DATA